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Adoption And Adoption Laws

Atlanta adoption lawyer: Forming a new dimension to a family through adoption is not only a wonderful process, but also riddled with laws and regulations. Careful consideration and planning should take place for this period to run smoothly for all parties involved, including the child.
The initial step is selecting n experienced Aeorgia adoption attorney or adoption agency. Adoption professionals are meant to guide the prospective parents through every stage of adoption. This step can be the trickiest as there can be everything from self-imposed rules of the agency to pricing regulations for the adoption lawyer. It is important to compile a list of all agencies and adoption professional that meet basic criteria, such as pricing and location, and then to conduct personal interviews with each. Many of these professionals may have strict requirements such as no same-sex adoptions or a minimum income for the parents. Payment to these agencies can range anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. Be sure to inquire when payment is needed and what it encompasses. An application will then be required to adopt a child, either through an agency or directly from the adoption attorney to the court. This application will then result in what is known as home studies. This is a period when social workers or other professionals will engage in an interview and evaluation period on the parents. Each state has their own laws for this period but agencies may develop their own policies and procedures within those laws. There can be group orientations, interviews of friends and family, and home visits. The home study is the compilation of all the findings of the social worker who has met with the applicants on multiple occasions both individually and as a couple. This process will generally take from three to six months but can take longer due to requirements in certain states. Health screenings, an investigation of finances, and an inspection of lifestyle practices can all be expected during this period. Atlanta adoption lawyerAfter the home study is successfully completed the placement process may begin. This is the time when a specific child or children are matched to prospective families. An adoption lawyer may work closely with expectant mothers looking to put their child up for adoption while agencies may work with foster care services or international organizations to find good matches. After finding a child, both the adopting parents and the parents putting their child up for adoption may meet, interview, and screen one another via the agency or their own lawyers.

Care must be taken to avoid what is legally known as “wrongful adoption”. This term implies that there was a failure by the agency or worker to disclose all necessary information to the state in an honest and legal manner. This may involve agencies giving false background information on the child or the child’s biological parents. It may also include illegally releasing private information to certain parties. There are many ways that agencies and biological parents may conceal or misrepresent pertinent information which makes the use of an adoption lawyer very beneficial to have a safe and permanent adoption.

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