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Family Law Overview

Georgia Family Law Attorneys

Attorney Zeb Ogueri  Law offices.  Family law is a term that is used to describe the laws that govern relationships within a family unit and that family’s place within society. Family law encompasses the standards to which society believes that people who are related should interact.  When important issues arise pertaining to family relationships, the guidance of a family law lawyer can be an invaluable asset in making life decisions.
Usually, a Georgia family law lawyer aids in the joining or separation of families. Common areas of these practices are adoption, marriage, custody issues, spousal or child support and divorce.A divorce is the act of dissolving a legal marriage contract that has been entered into by two adults. A divorce gives back to a person the legal right to marry a person besides their current spouse. Divorce also divides all things accrued during the marriage, including assets or properties, financial obligations, and custody of children when present.
The most common issues when dealing with divorce are financial support for the spouse or children and the division of real estate. If the spouses do not agree on the divorce, or if they cannot come to an agreement on how to settle theses issues, divorce can become a lengthy a difficult process. An Atlanta family law attorney can assist with this process and many times produce favorable terms for the party they represent. Marriage Although marriage is meant to be a joining of two lives in a romantic setting, it is also a legal contract that should be entered into with great care. A family law attorney can assist with any issues that may arise before marriage, including prenuptial agreements.Child Custody and Support
Family Law Issues: Custody decisions should address both the legal and physical custody of minor children. Physically, the child’s everyday care and activities will be addressed. Legally, rights and responsibilities for the child’s growth and care will be addressed.
As a matter of law, children must be financially supported by their parents, until they are legally and chronologically to the age of majority, or until they can support themselves. Court proceedings work best in determining how much and how often a parent should pay to support a child who is not primarily in their custody.
When parents cannot come to an agreement on custodial arrangements, or there is an issue of financial support for the child, a family law lawyer can assist in the proceedings, returning a fair a timely judgment for the party they represent.


Adoptions can be a time-consuming and often frustrating process and they require final approval of the courts to be recognized as legal. A court’s final approval is often contingent upon the proof that the adoptive person or couple are fit and capable of providing the child or children with all of the care and benefits that would be given to natural children. A family law attorney can assist both adoptive and birth parents in the proceedings leading up to and during the adoption, as well as any issues that may arise after the adoption has been finalized.

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