Uncontested Divorce* starts at: $499*

Uncontested Name Change starts at: $499

Prenuptial Agreements start at: $300

Uncontested Legitimation starts at: $499

For Contested Matters, please call.

*Uncontested divorce with no kids, no property or disagreements

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Family Law Lawyers Can Help

There are many people who are involved in disputes who find hiring a family law lawyer can help them in settling disagreements between two parties. Using family law attorneys as mediators to help resolve differences between parties has many benefits. Using a lawyer as a mediator is an economically sound decision; this is because using mediation to settle a dispute is usually less expensive than taking the disagreement into a court room.

Lawyers used as mediators can also help settle a dispute in a time efficient manner. Many times it takes months to get a court date, but with the use of a lawyer as a mediator people can obtain a solution to their problems without having to set foot into a courtroom. Having the case settled in a time efficient manner allows people to move on with their life and not worry about stressful matters. Parties who hire a family law lawyer to act as a mediator also find that they are more pleased with the outcome of their dispute. This is because the two parties have more control on the outcome of the matter; there is no decision to be made by a third party. Parties are usually more willing to follow through with a resolution that has been set into place by their selves. When parties follow through with their own resolution, further disagreements are not often endured.

Another benefit of using mediators in disputes is that a mediator can help address both legal and non legal issues. Some non legal issues may be psychological issues that should be addressed but are not predisposed to legal determination. Parties who use a mediator are able to create a settlement agreement that fits their particular circumstances. Mediators are also able to help parties have more control of gains or losses endured from a settlement. When cases are arbitrated or adjudicated the parties have no control on the outcome.

Many people in disputes want to preserve an ongoing relationship or terminate a relationship in a civilized manner. Hiring a family law attorney to help in these processes is wise. A lawyer can address each parties interests and come up with a solution so that everyone ‘wins’. Parties who work with a family law attorney to settle their disputes are able to implement fine details into their solution. There are many decisions to be made when a settlement to a dispute is being drawn up, and an experienced lawyer can explain to parties exactly how the decisions should be made. When parties know exactly how to make rational decisions they are more likely to follow through with the decisions they make.

Some family law lawyers can even help parties settle their disputes over the internet; many people like being able to settle a disagreement without having to actually have face to face interaction with the party they are disputing. No matter what type of dispute a person may find their self in, they should contact a family law attorney to have the case settled in a successful and efficient manner.