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Divorcing and You

Divorcing and You – Atlanta Divorce Attorneys, Georgia Divorce Lawyers

We never want to think that when push comes to shove we are going to need a good divorce attorney. We always hear the stories about how certain marriages go wrong and in the end they did not speak to each other but instead spoke only through their respective divorce lawyer and we know that is not going to be us. The sad fact is that nearly half of all married couples are going to need a divorce lawyer in order to help dissolve a union that seemed so perfect when it started out.

It is also human nature to think that because you are using a divorce lawyer that you have somehow failed in your duties as a spouse, that somehow this could have been avoided and that you are giving up on something that just needs a little more work. While working at the problem can sometimes provide a solution, there are other times when simply know when to call it a day is the best choice that can be made. The term “irreconcilable differences” was not invented simply to be a handy excuse for those who choose to dissolve their marriage. It is a term that exists because there are really times when two people realize they cannot get along anymore. The cannot coexist because there have been changes to the relationship that are simply not repairable.

Sometimes these irreconcilable differences are because one or both of the people involved in the marriage have been unfaithful. Certainly an affair can be a wedge that drives two people apart no matter how hard they fight to stay together. Once a sexual element has been brought into the relationship, once that sexual element has come between the two who are involved with one another it is hard to get it back out again. While someone might say that they will work hard to forgive and forget there is almost always going to be a gnawing doubt as to whether that type of behavior will ever occur again.

Of course, a marriage does not need an affair to tear it asunder. Sometimes people come to the realization that they are not at their best when they are living under the same roof. Everyone has their little habits and foibles that they have grown accustomed to repeating over the course of time. Sometimes those habits come into direct confrontation with the partner’s behavior, leading to explosive arguments and situations where neither party wishes to be involved in the relationship any longer. When these types of situations pop up, it is very hard to put them back into the cardboard box they came in. When they pop up repeatedly and irreconcilable differences are determined it sadly is time to call in a divorce attorney. Of course more than one divorce lawyer is best simply because both parties should make sure that they are covered when it comes to dissolving the partnership. No matter for how short or how long a time the couple was together there are going to be issues that must be addressed.

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