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Having a Will – Atlanta Family Law Lawyers

Georgia Family Attorneys

Having a Will in place, is a legal responsibility of everyone, as well as a right, which is defended by Will and probate laws. A Will, is used to settle and distribute assets and properties of the testator or decedent, name guardians, and name a trustee to handle an estate, name an executor to handle a decedent’s affairs. Due to different state laws, it is best to hire family law attorney to guide you through the distribution of property, specific gifts and naming an executor, guardian or trustee. Family law attorneys can save you valuable time and money.

There are do it yourself kits and forms. These kits, however, can not anticipate individual circumstances and family relationships. The complexity of estate laws, if not handled correctly, could cause litigation problems, or some Wills could be contested, et. al., unforeseen problems that could arise. Drafting a Will, is a complex matter that requires the judgement and skills of family law lawyers. Settling estates left by a Will, is a serious process that needs professionals with legal knowledge, well informed decision making actions, and the ability to jointly work with other estate planning documents on your behalf. An attorney can assist and advise easier, by getting to know the family, to help them analyze individual circumstances and draft the appropriate paperwork to avoid legal pitfalls.

Family law attorneys have experience with various Wills, that include: a. Simple Will which is the direct distribution of property and assets for a simple estate settlement. b. Testamentary Trust Will is drawn up for estate trusts to be left to specific persons. c. Pour Over Will leaves some of the deceased assets to a pre-established trust. d. Holographic Will is in the testator’s handwriting but does not require a witness. e. Oral Will is a Will that is oral or spoken or in a video format. f. Joint Will is designed to cover two people, i.e., a husband and wife. g. Living Will is made while the client is still living, but unable to complete their affairs.

A family law attorney, in order to provide the best advice and make the outcome easier, needs to have all the information that they request of their clients. The years of experience that family law lawyers brings to negotiations, makes it clear, that they fully understand the stresses a decedent’s family goes through. State family law courts operate under different rules in filing documents, meeting schedules and deadlines. A familly law attorney comes with the expertise of working with different courts, judges and the legal system, in general.

To settle estates with dignity and respect, family law lawyers can explain the state and local laws applicable to your estate settlement to help you make the best decisions for the family. They make sure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes and is there to see that you avoid legal complications, as they guide you through this sensitive legal process. A family law attorney is there in your time of need.

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