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Divorce Mediation

Atlanta Divorce Mediation Lawyers,

Georgia Family Law Mediation Attorneys

Mediating a Divorce is Expedient and Less Expensive

Going through a divorce is difficult under the best of circumstances and most people do not get divorced under the best of circumstances. Most people have heard horror stories of the length of time it takes some people to get divorced and the cruel antics some people use to wreak revenge on their soon-to-be former spouse. In most states if a divorcing couple cannot come to agreement on physical placement for the children, custody for the children, distribution of assets or any other major issue to be resolved, the family court will require that the two divorcing people try mediation. Beginning the divorce process with a divorce mediation attorney working on your behalf can save you a lot of time, money and grief.
A divorce mediation lawyer is somebody who is both a lawyer experienced in family law and a mediator familiar with the practice of mediation. Mediation is a process in which a third person helps two or more other people to resolve a dispute. Although divorce lawyers work on behalf of their clients to procure the best-possible outcome for their client, a divorce mediation lawyer will work to help the divorcing people to talk with other and to resolve their disputes for themselves to the best of their ability. A divorce mediation lawyer can help the divorcing couple to talk with each other more productively than the divorcing couple can often do on their own because the lawyer’s mediation skills help her to facilitate emotionally-charged conversations. Furthermore, the presence of the mediation attorney usually helps the divorcing couple to speak more thoughtfully and respectfully to one another.
Mediators understand that agreements constructed by the parties involved are much more likely to be followed than are agreements that are created by either attorneys on behalf of their clients or by a judge. Mediators understand that nobody appreciates the nuances of the marital relationship better than the divorcing couple. If children are involved it is the parents of those children who are in the best position to figure out what the ongoing family relationship will look like. A divorce mediation attorney will not only be an advocate for her client but will also encourage both her client and the client’s spouse to formulate as much of the marital settlement agreement for themselves as is possible.
Divorce attorneys know that courts are reluctant to make decisions about parenting issues and division of assets if there is any way the parties can make those decisions for themselves.By hiring a divorce lawyer who is also a divorce mediation attorney you can ensure that you will have done, with the help of your attorney, as much as you can to resolve disagreements with your spouse prior to going to court. The fewer the decisions the court has to resolve for you the more quickly you can move through the divorce process and the less money you will have to spend on attorney’s fees in order for your attorney to represent you in court.

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