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Child Support and Separation

Child Support and Separation – Atlanta GA Divorce Lawyers

Dealing with separation issues is difficult enough for anyone. Adding to the simple separation is child custody, child support and child visitation issues when there are children involved as well. A child support lawyer is intended to help you collect child support when it is past due in most cases. The courts will issue a decision regarding the amount and frequency of the required payment and the other parent is required to follow those orders. However, many parents today are finding it more and more difficult to collect child support from the other parent.
Involving a child support lawyer may be helpful if you are struggling to collect past due child support and the court is also having trouble. A child support attorney has options that are not available to you as a parent nor to the courts for child support collection. A child support attorney has the ability to find the other parent and work directly with them to solve the problem.

When dealing with child custody issues, the situation usually becomes very emotionally charged. It is recommended that one hire a child custody attorney to help with the situation. A child custody attorney can help you prepare for a court hearing regarding child custody and also can decide whether or not the child should be involved in the decision. Many child custody cases are brought before a judge who will have final say in the matter after reviewing all of the information as well as hearing recommendations from other parties.
When working through child support and child custody matters, it is important to remember that the courts will have the final say in the matter and your personal feelings and beliefs will not be a consideration for them. It is not a personal battle to see who can impress the judge the most. It is a matter of what is best for the child in the matter of child custody. As a child gets older, they have more say in where they live and when they visit with the other parent. Issues arise when one parent tries to convince the child that the other parent isn’t good for them or convince them to tell the other parent that they don’t want to come for a visit.

Child custody hearings generally involve other parties such as a child psychologist to inform the judge as to matters regarding the child. Most of these cases happen because one parent feels slighted by the other and decides that they want custody of the child. Using the child as a bargaining tool is not healthy for the child. Normally, extensive use of child custody hearings by one parent or the other will result in the court denying the hearings.

Child support and child custody are a part of separation and divorce proceedings when there are children involved. Generally, child support will be calculated with a formula based on the income of both parties as well as time spent with either parent. Medical insurance premiums and other support provided will be considered in the formula and the final outcome.

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