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Family Law and Domestic Violence

Atlanta Divorce Lawyers

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Domestic violence charges occur when a person is accused of physical violence towards another person, has threatened violence upon another person, and/or when a person abuses a person in any of the following relationships: -Couples who are married -Couple who live together -People who have a child belonging to both parties -People who are dating or who have one time dated -People who were at one time married to one another

There is a wide range of abuse categories in which domestic violence falls into. No matter what intent a threat or violent act has behind it, a person can be charged and convicted with domestic violence if he/she cannot prove the threats or acts did not occur.
People who face domestic violence charges and are convicted will either be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. All decisions leading to a conviction are based on any facts presented within the case, any victims and/or witness who can provide creditable testimony, and also any physical injuries that may have been endured relating to the domestic violence accusations.
Any prior acts of domestic violence and a criminal history background can be used to influence a domestic violence case. A domestice violence lawyer knows exactly how to go about obtaining any background checks that need to be performed. With the ability to obtain these types of records a domestic violence attorney can effectively build a case for their client.
There is high percentage of domestic violence related cases that have been completely dismissed without a client ever having to step foot inside a court room. Experienced lawyers can confirm that domestic violence laws are very detailed and must be clearly understood in order for a lawyer and client to effectively settle the case.

There are many domestic violence cases that are made on false accusations and the courts need to be able to hear the ‘real’ story behind the charges; a domestic violence attorney can help a client build a strong case, and in most cases have the case dismissed.
It is very understandable that law enforcement officials and the courts must address every domestic violence charge that is made, and a domestic violence lawyer can assist with addressing the matters in a civilized manner, while at the same time protecting their clients’ rights.
A domestic violence attorney can properly analyze their clients’ cases and aggressively defend the client. They take as much time as necessary to grasp a full understanding of a client’s case, and they also present any options as to how the case can be settled. Many times they can present an option that allows for the case to be dismissed.

Any person who has been accused of domestic violence should immediately contact a domestice violence lawyer. It is important to contact a lawyer who is experienced and has a successful track record. It is always important to be completely honest with a lawyer, as this will help them to address the charges in a manner that can most likely result in the case being dismissed.

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