Uncontested Divorce* starts at: $499*

Uncontested Name Change starts at: $499

Prenuptial Agreements start at: $300

Uncontested Legitimation starts at: $499

For Contested Matters, please call.

*Uncontested divorce with no kids, no property or disagreements

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Avoiding Divorce

A divorce is a long messy process created to end a marriage you once lovingly treasured. Marriages can sometimes become rocky and unstable, and that is how talks about divorce start. Whether it is due to a change in lifestyle, misunderstanding, financial difficulty, or even adultery, you must ask yourself if getting a divorce is the right way to go. Before you consider leaving your partner and ending the marriage in divorce, you must at least try to find a way to patch things up.


  • Communicate. Communicating your needs and concerns with your partner can give him or her an idea of how your feelings about marriage and divorce. It could be possible that he or she does not know what you are going through and therefore does not make a move to address your needs. Listen to what your partner has to say because you could be oblivious to their feelings too. A divorce can be smoothly avoided if you would take some time to talk things through.


  • Empathize. Before asking for a divorce, put yourself in your spouse’s place. Are you being a good partner? Are you giving him or her enough love and care? Could there be things, which you fail to do for your partner? If you think you are not doing a good job as a wife or husband, ending the marriage with a divorce will not make up for the things you failed to do as a spouse.


  • Compromise. There are many instances where spouses just give up and ask for a divorce without trying to make some changes to make the situation better. Making an effort to get time off work to spend time with your partner can really keep thoughts of divorce at bay. If the issues you are facing are about money, find ways to let your partner know that you are also keeping their financial needs in mind every time you spend.
  • Reminisce. Try to remember the person you fell in love with on your wedding day and try to see that person in your spouse again. Remember the good times you had before you try to get a divorce. If you feel like the marriage has lost its “spark,” re-ignite the flame by being romantic or spontaneous. Find a way to fall back in love with each other to keep thoughts of divorce at bay.


Divorce has become a trend with many couples who simply refuse to try. Always try to keep in mind that divorce may not be the answer to your marital problems, and there are many ways to try and fix a marriage. In these times when a divorce has become common, do not let your marriage be just another divorce statistic.