Uncontested Divorce* starts at: $499*

Uncontested Name Change starts at: $499

Prenuptial Agreements start at: $300

Uncontested Legitimation starts at: $499

For Contested Matters, please call.

*Uncontested divorce with no kids, no property or disagreements

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Family Law

Georgia Family Law Attorneys

Atlanta Family Law Lawyer: Family law is a specialized area of law. If you require assistance on any issue relating to family law, your best source of assistance is an experienced Atlanta, Georgia family lawyer. Family lawyers specialize in family law and related areas of law.

If you are seeking a divorce from your spouse, you may require the services of an experienced family law attorney. Family law attorneys have detailed knowledge of divorce laws. A family law attorney can review your case to see if you meet the county residency requirements for filing a divorce. Every state has a residency requirement for divorce filings. If you do not meet the residency requirements, you may not be able to file a divorce proceeding in that state.

If your spouse has filed a divorce petition against you, you should immediately consult with an experienced family lawyer. Family lawyers can help you protect your rights in a divorce proceeding. If you attempt to argue the case yourself, you could end up loose the case. Atlanta Family Law Lawyer

Family lawyers can also help you with issue of alimony or spousal support. A family lawyer will review your case and can fight your case to ensure that you get the maximum possible alimony or spousal support. Similarly if your ex-spouse is claiming alimony or spousal support from you, an experienced family lawyer can fight your case. Family lawyers are aware of the factors that the courts generally consider while determining alimony.

If you are seeking child custody, you should consider hiring the services of an experienced family law attorney. When determining child custody, the courts will generally follow the state child custody guidelines. Family law attorneys know these guidelines and can use them for your benefit. If there are changes in the circumstances of either spouse after the child custody order, then an experienced family law attorney can help you apply for change of child custody.

A family lawyer can also assist you if you are involved in child support litigation with your spouse or former spouse. Generally if you have the custody of the child, your spouse will be ordered to pay child support to you. However the court will consider many factors to determine the payment and amount of child support. Family lawyers are aware of these factors and can use them for your benefit.

Atlanta Family Law Lawyer